Zachariah Kramer — Hamburg, Pennsylvania

Zachariah Kramer is an expert baby daddy. This little b*tch is an impregnating leech. At least 2 baby mommas he’s suckered, one is my wife. He moved into my marital home from his trailer park immediately after I was out, and separated from my wife. He immediately knocked my wife up, severely complicating the imminent divorce. Him and all his children still squat in my home with my wife and kids, while I’m unable to get out of this small apartment with my children, whom we share equal custody of. I’m held hostage by them, unable to move on because the home she’s in, is on my credit rendering my ratios unacceptable being “single” yet still married. She’s drug proceedings out for years, unable to refinance the home, yet enjoying it. She earns over 70k/yr thanks to me putting her through school and still can’t get a grip on her finances… he’s a pathetic example for my children, and all of his own for that matter.


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