Yesenia Hernandez Morales — Mississippi

My husband of 13 years and myself were living in 2 different states for a while he had a job in MS but I had legal stuff going on in jersey I had to be here and while I was here I found out I had some health problems and had to get treatments . So I was actively trying to find him a job in jersey and I also considered moving back to MS a few times my husband even rented a nice big house for us but I ended up in the hospital /surgery and bad news so that’s when we started planning for him to come back to jersey. It took a few months because we both had leases we needed our security deposits back and we planned to get a new place together. So he got back right before thanksgiving and things were great. Until he confessed he was seeing a girl in MS and she moved in with him and he could not get rid of her so the day he left he waited for her to go to work he packed up and left. She called him threatening to tell me about her (which is why he told me).she’s 26 he’s 36. She knew he was married with a child but she wanted to play house with him and I guess she thought he would leave me for her (lol they never leave their wife for a side chick). Anyways he told me he was just using her for sex then I guess she started cooking and cleaning so he kept her around. She tried to trap him by getting pregnant (I guess she stopped taking the pill) but then she had a miscarriage. I don’t think she was pregnant at all I think it was a trap. So this trash bag lived with my husband and was ok being his little secret. He was also sleeping with 2 other girls who would come over while she was at work. Not only was this ugly sloot screwing my husband but Aparently they would fight and she would get physical with him. She was crazy and he could not get rid of her because she kept threatening to tell me about her. But anyways what type of piece of sh1t thot ho-bag sleeps with a married man and tries to wreck a marriage? Yesenia hernandez Morales is that type of thot. I know my husband likes a lot of sex so it didn’t shock me that he found a few ftf but for this girl to try and take my place and take my husband of 13 years she is a stupid thot. Idiot. He told me he was not even attracted to her she was overweight and ugly so he never took her out on dates or anything because he was embarrassed. He said her vag smelled so bad sometimes he made her get a shower before he would sleep with her. My husband is Hispanic and he is not attracted to Hispanic girls so I knew right away he had no intentions on things going this fat because she was Hispanic. She seeked him out and was just another sloot to him. She also gets fake id’s for illegal immigrants and I’m 100% against that because most of these id’s are stolen identity . this is also another reason my husbAnd took off he wanted no parts of her illegal activity. He would not allow it at his home so I guess she met people at her mom Maria’s house in Collins. So my husband ended up putting her on the lease and taking himself off . he gave up the security deposit to get away from that crazy smelly vagina fat a55. I know he is partially to blame but I dealt with him already. We have a very active sex life so like I said I expected him to be sleeping around but never expected him to bring in some crazy sub -wife. Anyways beware of this girl Yesenia Hernandez Morales she likes married men. And that fake id sh1t has been reported.


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