William Cardenas – Arizona

I met William Cardenas on an online dating site in June of 2014. He claimed to be an Army Ranger (verified lie) waiting on a settlement for medical malpractice. He also claimed to be a God fearing man who used my faith as a way to manipulate me. After just a couple of weeks he told me he needed to stay with me after a fight with his family (after all I was all he had in Arizona and he was only here for me). Living together before marriage was against my religious beliefs, but he guilted me into letting him stay since he had to “choose between myself and his family and he choose me”. The fact that he had no home or car at 31 rose a red flag, but he justified it by claiming he left his car and everything behind for his infant child. When he went to get financing to make a purchase he did not qualify and he then justified his bad credit by claiming that it was because he had used his credit to purchase a vehicle for a previous girlfriend to help her get to and from college (all of these claims have been verified to be false). He claimed to be a kind and generous man who had been victimized because of his big heart. When I would ask question to try and find clarity on some unsettling facts he would become aggressive and begin belittling me. Often times I would just surrender my concerns, not having the energy for yet another fight. Although, I quit communicating my concerns with him I continued to do my research.


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