Wendy Renae Remmers — Nevada

This slore has no boundaries for her sloreery. She’ll take her significant other with her to eat dinner with her across from the person she’s having an affair with and small chat with his child who’s unaware of the devil she is and how she’s about to flip their world. She’ll knows who you are and will come into your home when you’re not in town, so she also knows who you are by the family pictures on your walls. Then when it comes down to chosing a cheating slore with a reputation, or a faithful spouse and your kids, this whore drops back in 4 months later with a text. She obviously has no conscience or remorse. Mind you her significant other told her no more contact and to block my husbands number from her phone. If she had a descent bone in her body, she’d stop hitting on married men thinking she’s Gods gift to them. I hope she corrects her ways. In the event she ever corrects her ways and ever has a child/children, I hope her child doesn’t experience the pain she inflicted on other children by her sinful and careless behavior and learns the value in being a person of honor and integrity with some morals and values.


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