Wendy Mccauley — Wausau, Wisconsin

Beware of this HOMEWRECKER…Wendy Mccauley, an employee of Walmart in Wausau, Wisconsin. To every guy and lady out there. Fair warning beware of her if you want to keep your property. Don’t trust her with your kids, pets,money, or your life. She’ll use you for everything you have when she figures you out and learns things about you. She don’t care who she hurts as long as she gets want she wants. She doesn’t have any friends cause they find out what she is really like in person. She’ll stab you in the back until she gets what she wants. She’s on alot of dating and sex sites online. She’s out to get whatever she can get out of you. Don’t believe her if she says she a God fearing woman and a Christian that’s a lie. She doesn”t go to church and the way she acts, don’t be fooled!!! She’s not innocent by any means she’ll make up stories to make herself look good. She plays victim and acts like she’s going thru life alone trying to get a hold of your man. Take me seriously. She will sleep with any giy that will pay attention to her. So who wants to be friends with her??? I sure don’t want to. She doesn’t care for you and never will or anybody else unless you have something she wants.


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