Virgina Sisk — Lincolnton, North Carolina

This is what has happened, Virgina Sisk was trying to say that she was sleeping with my friends then boyfriend, but the so called proof didn’t add up. The pictures where really old and were not even taken in the updated version of the home, that she claims they were taken in. The pictures were at least 6-7 years old. She told my friend that she would leave her then boyfriend and now husband alone, but ever since my friend and her husband got married this [email protected] has been coming to family events when ever she hears about them. All because she works with my friends in-laws at McGuire nuclear station. She is psycho and is stalking my friend and her husband. I think everyone should watch out for her, you never know who else she is stalking. She has even went to the extreme of making up that she was in a relationship and married to try to get my friend and her husband to come around her, but it’s clear that she isn’t in any relationship or else she would have it all over her facebook and of course she is still single and trying to steal someone else’s man, because she is too pathetic to find her own.


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