Veth Voeuth — Washington

The worst part of the whole ordeal was he acted like he was trying to help my family and me by giving my wife a job because he knew we were in financial trouble. He owns a company called Veth’s Landscaping Service out of Kent W.A or better know as ( VLS ). I feel that he prayed on us as he knew our situations and only hired her because she was good looking and had intentions of seducing her. When my wife started working there we fond out that he had being devoiced before and told us that his wife left because he worked so hard that he never spent any time with her which I believe is a lie because the lady he is with now he has 3 kids with her all young and he is not married to her. My suspicion is that he knew he was going to cheat again and did not want to marry in fear of losing materialistic wealth. I eventually found out they were having sex when I found incriminating evidence on my wife’s phone of texts and pictures. When I confronted him and told him he needs to tell his partner what happened he refused to do it. So I had to find his address and tell her my self because he could not be a man and take reasonability for his actions. He has 3 kids and we have two and thanks to the two idiots involved there are two broken hearts that will never be the same.


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