Veronica Zolnierzak — Munhall, Pennsylvania

Well first thing I can tell you about Veronica Zolnierzak is that she’s a homewrecker and that she thought by sleeping with my husband that it was going to break us which it didn’t. Cause we got a strong relationship. But anywho she likes to try to break people up I think out of anger for God sakes her own mother doesn’t even want to bother with her. And what she’ll do she’ll try to seduce your husband’s girlfriend friend whoever to get what she wants than if she doesn’t than she’ll extort money from you. She also moves around a lot with her children and mooches off of whoever she thinks can benefit from. She’s just a plain user. She used to work up at Massage Envy in Monroeville which she recently got fired from. She still can’t keep a job as a massage tech for the life of her. I just wanted to make it clear for any man woman…  anybody should really beware of this one. She’s a true winner


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