Veronica Riddell — Raleigh, North Carolina

I caught Veronica Riddell in our bed with a married man and after one last huge middle of the night fight, during which she threw my belongings outside in her words to “help me pack” and ended up with the neighbors calling the cops, I had enough and found another place to stay. Since then she has harassed me for days, hundreds of text messages that go back and forth between threatening to destroy the last of the things I had to leave there, threatening to file charges against me for things that didn’t happen to begging me to come back and saying she will do anything to get me back (which I know from patterns means anything but change in any way.) Now, to protect myself and distance myself from this girl altogether I am pursuing a restraining order. Unfortunately, the lawyers want a large payment upfront and I have only recently been able to find steady work so I cannot pay the whole thing. I want to get a lawyer to protect myself from her outlandish claims and her apparent intentions of ruining my life if I don’t take her back.


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