Vanessa Marroquin — Edinburg, Texas

Vanessa Marroquin has been messing around with my best friends husband. She has been trying to break-up their 10 year marriage! Vanessa and her new love met at work… where they literally scrub toilets together! Sh*t deserves sh*t! Vanessa; you can keep him!! Let me tell you the TRASH.. oh.. wait.. to you, he’s a treasure! Anyway.. a bit about the grand prize…

His name is Carlos Ivan Martinez and his sorry a$$ doesn’t even have a pot to piss on! He has NOTHING. She did my friend a favor… a huge favor. But if things don’t work out… WOMEN… guess what?! She swings both ways! Yes she also bangs women! One more thing… try not to laugh at her Facebook… poor thing doesn’t know how to write in either language… she thinks HEATERS want to be her… LMFAO… It’s HATERS! And NO… NO ONE wants to do what you do for a living! Not even a HEATER would want to be you! VANESSA MARROQUIN IS A POS!


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