Vanessa Borio — Capistrano Beach, California

11 years ago Vanessa Borio began an office affair with my husband. Shortly after this, he and I separated and Vanessa allowed him to move in with her. She knew he was married and pushed for him to divorce me. He left her and returned home without me ever knowing about her. A couple years later I discovered emails between them and saw that she repeatedly asked him to “call her”. Of course, he denied anything other than a work friendship and explained she calls him for advice on very stupid things. I contacted her and SHE ASSURED ME there was never anything between them. I asked her to have a heart and be honest considering I had just had a baby with my husband and wanted to know the truth. Nope, she lied and lied. Apparently she was that besotted by him? Who covers for a lover who dumped them? They both swore to never contact each other again (of course). 11YEARS LATER (2017) I discovered her emailing him again whining about losing her job and asking him to use his contacts in the industry to help her find employment. He finally came clean and said they’d been texting and never discontinued their “friendship” as promised. He also told me they’d lived together during our separation and she was cheating on her then fiance (husband now?). I’m currently divorcing my cheating husband, so she’s free to continue on with him. Even after all these years she hasn’t developed enough self-esteem to rise above chasing a married man. Good luck to them both. He’ll keep her on the side and pursue someone else more attractive and respectable.


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