Valerie Holland — Broomall, Pennsylvania

Just what the title says y’all. She been with several married men and destroyed families. All that she cares about is getting her drugs like percocet oxys herion or whatevr else she nedds. Money and drugs is all this home wrecker needs to live. Friendships mean nothing to this one and SHE WILL f**k your man behind your back. Her kid was taken away from her years ago so what does that tell you. You can see her coming from a distance with all the makeup she piles on her nasty face. Do not trust this b**ch. Don’t let her talk to your man cuz she will ask him for drugs and offer her snatch up as payment. She been caught on facebook already. After I found out she was fu**ing my man at the time I left his ass cold. No telling what stds she got.


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