Val Hansen – Minot, North Dakota

Val Hansen knew my husband was married and yes, we were having our problems but we’re working on them. She slept with my husband when she herself was still married!!! Now they (Val Hansen and John Maynor) live together and just had a baby about a week ago. Baby weighed in over 9lbs!! Good Gawd!! What she do? Eat her apartment complex while pregnant?! And he claims that it’s cheaper to keep her. He STILL calls me for his sexual needs to be fulfilled. He also calls me EVERYDAY while he’s at work (Fed Ex driver) to talk about things that you would talk to your s.o. about. He offers me money and presents to be his Mistress. Then confesses his true feelings are really for me and not her. He also recently admitted his love for me. I then asked him if he tells her like he tells me that he loves her. He said yes, I then thanked him for asking for our divorce. He said why, I then told him that now I have found someone better than him. Now I get to be treated the way he should have. I thought he was my Knight in Shining Armor but he turned out to be an ahole in aluminum foil.


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