Tylee Janis — Pine Ridge, South Dakota

So October 3, 2017 I go home and find my front door locked for some reason. I tried the back door and it was unlocked. I quietly opened up the door and I hear someone moaning… I walk straight back to my room and find HOMEWRECKER half naked on top of my son’s dad… he was so drunk out of his mind he don’t know what the hell is going on. I pushed him off the bed and seen red. I was so mad I blacked out and she had me by my hair yelling for my son’s dad to pull me off of her. Finding out her name wasn’t hard cause she’s known in this little town. Other stories people told me is that she takes advantage of drunk guys at parties and she’s supposed to be in love with her son’s dad, who’s locked up in jail. She claims she’s a bad b**** and no one can’t f with her well, I kicked your a** that night and you ain’t as bad as you think you are. She got mad, and wrote my sister in law the next day October 4th all guilty saying “I’m making up stuff I’m being a delusional childish weirdo for blasting you on Facebook you didn’t do this or that”, and had her friends adding me. I’ve been with my son’s dad for seven years and it was ruined because he thought he could go get drunk and bring this woman to my house and have the audacity to have sex in MY bed. I’ve NEVER felt so disgusted in my life or thought anything like this would happen to me. The cops took Tylee from my house. I want EVERYONE to know what a HOMEWRECKER you are and how bad you broke my heart wrecking my seven year relationship with my high school sweetheart. I have NO RESPECT FOR WOMEN WHO SLEEP WITH OTHER WOMEN’S MEN… ESPECIALLY KNOWING HE HAS A WOMAN AND KID…


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