Tricia Cordasco Maka — Flanders, New Jersey

This married woman Tricia Cordasco-Maka (and I use the word woman very “loosely” lol pun intended) is as pathetic as they come! When she is not in jail, rehab, half-way house or the psych ward, she is trying to find a place to stay. She will literally sleep with ANYONE, who can provide her with a temporary residence. She is married, but her husband is so fed up that he has actually picked her up and dropped her off at other men’s houses just so he does not have to deal with her. No one is off limits to her, married, kids, it doesn’t matter! She makes up sob stories about her life just to get the idiot men to feel bad and wanna help her. Her own family wants nothing to do with her. She literally goes from one married man to another, the men are just as much at fault, however, she is a disgusting human being with no care or concern for the lives she affects in the meantime. She was recently thrown out of rehab for having sex in the men’s bathroom there, all while her husband was supporting and visiting her, thinking she was trying to do the right thing. She then got out and shacked up with someone who was engaged with kids, destroyed their relationship, but then got booted from his life after he came home from work one day and couldn’t find her, he later found her in a well known drug motel with a black drug dealer getting high! Her poor husband, (pictured with her) I mean yes he is as dumb as they come for going back to her, but you have to feel a little bad for him! She uses people for anything and everything she can get out them and then when that falls through and she is back to being homeless, she winds up at another rehab that our tax dollars pay for because she is on welfare. Most recently she spent 180 days in jails, that once again our tax dollars pay for. So ladies watch out, because if your man is weak enough to fall for the sob story then she will prey on him. Fake boobs, fake teeth, fake hair, fake tan, fake nose, and the list goes on. It’s obvious she doesn’t love or even like herself, because anyone that change themselves that much physically can not possibly! Several of the men she has been with have said that if you take away all her falseness and makeup she resembles a 10 year old little boy!??


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