Travis Law — New Mexico

Travis Law is not a man but a self centered, narcissistic, lying cheating manipulator. He flaunts around his business and acts like he is rich when in reality he lives in his mommy and daddy’s house and has nothing but his personality to get him by. He thinks he is a good man and he is a scumbag and a user. He uses women and everyone to get what he wants and then acts like he is doing you a favor by knowing him. He is married but goes around acting and pretending to be single. He cheats on his wife constantly. The picture is form his wedding. His poor wife. This is his 2nd marriage. I’ll admit that I belived every lie he told me about her and no I feel bad that I fell for it. This man is scum and he deserves to be called out. Not only for what he has done to his wife but for the way he Trey’s last woman. He lies and manipulates them. He is a very good liar.


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