Tracy Lynn Hancock — Lexington, South Carolina

Tracy Lynn Hancock was married to a man named Shawn. While married they had 2 beautiful children together. Tracy cheats on her husband Shawn with all of his friends and some other men that were just random. As a result of her unfaithfulness, Shawn leaves Tracy, as any smart man would. Shawn decides to move on with his life and be with someone else/better. Ms. Challice Elders. Oh but when Tracy caught wind of them hanging out, all hell broke loose. Tracy has done everything under the sun to hurt the father of her children. Hurting the kids in the process with her behavior. Also trying to ruin the life of the Now Girlfriend to her ex. Tracy posted on this very website about Challice Elders, telling nothing but lies about her.

Challice Elders has always been a good person and works very hard. Because of this post Tracy Lynn made on this website, Challice lost her job…. Tracy has set up her Ex husband and put him in jail. She has dangled there children over his head, and hurting her children by doing so. Not like she is a good mother anyway. Tracy spends her days stuck in her phone and having other people watch her children. In the nights, she spends her time running around bar to bar, trying to find the next dick to jump on. In this photo posted of Tracy Lynn dangling her self over 2 men, on this night of the picture, she gets a train ran on her by both of them. If you dont know what a Train Run is, it’s one man having sexual intercourse with Tracy Lynn, and the other man involved puts his penis in her mouth. A.K.A Blowjob. at the same time. Tracy Lynn has sent 3 girls to Challice’s home to beat her up. Unlucky for Tracy Lynn though, Challice is a very skilled fighter and this plan failed.

She harasses her Ex husband and his new GF Challice. She will stop at nothing to ruin there lives together. Her own children have said things like “mommy doesn’t ever play with me.” Tracy Lynn has also instructed her 3 year old son to call Challice a bitch. A 3 year old child should not know the word bitch. She is the biggest piece of shit I have ever seen in my life. The post Tracy made about Challice Elders on this website should be taken down. Nothing but lies ruined a woman’s career! Now you know the TRUTH! #justiceforchallice


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