Tillie Amber Hoefer — Casper, Wyoming

Tillie Amber Hoefer works around draglines etc… She’s usually the only female on site that works out in the field with around 40-50 men. She’s slept her way through most of them… giving zero f’s of their marital status or if they have children back home. My husband included. Her thing is posing for disgusting nude pics. A barage of them. They are being traded around all the job sites like Pokémon cards. When the rumors started I tried to be civil and asked her to Not “hang out with my husband anymore”, because it was causing problems in our marriage. Of course because I told her she couldn’t f my husband she got offended. Apparently none of the other wives had confronted her… acted like I was crazy making up sh*t while she was sitting. On his d*** probably. I know it takes two To commit a adultry, but when a married women asked you woman to woman to back TF off… stay TF out of her life her marriage, how about have a little bit of self-respect and respect the boundaries of a marriage. She’s about to get married married soon… good luck with that dear…


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