Tiffany Slaughter — Louisville, Kentucky

Tiffany Slaughter will manipulate herself into your life using lustful behavior and sex. She promises the world and makes you the center of her universe… for awhile. She makes you believe she is looking for work or can’t work or has side jobs while robbing you blind. She constantly cheats with all of her exes just to get an extra 20 if she can. She loves items, not people. She is homeless so quick to move in and use the word love. She wants what you have to offer. Once she feels like she has to work for it, she is done with you and back to an ex that wants to fall for it again. She has no soul. She doesn’t care about feelings or who she hurts. She is a theif, last time she stole my car and almost 800 dollars. She has warrants in Kentucky and Indiana. ISP is currently looking to charge her with grand theft auto. She is a great manipulator and will make you feel sorry for her and believe everything she says meanwhile taking all of your money your family and your friends along with her.


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