Taylor Headden — Andrews, South Carolina

Taylor Headden is a low life alcoholic who spends a majority of her time at the bar looking for random hookups. Single or not she’ll take them all. Well one night she happened to run into my boyfriend who happens to also be her ex. He wasn’t good enough when they were together but when he’s going to be a daddy then he became good enough. How ever she knew he was in a relationship, expecting a child and actually becoming an adult but still decided to text him and let him know her “panties were wet” 

 I guess getting a guy by just saying “hey” is to hard, you literally have to throw your self on them now. She managed to continue this for two months, texting, snapping, meeting up at random places to hook up. Then 2 weeks before I delievered our daughter I caught them on Snapchat after they had seen each other at the bar.


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