Tara Schojan — Fayetteville, North Carolina

Tara Schojan was my BEST FRIEND, the kind that literally spent almost everyday with my children and that I loved… we did everything together. She knew everything about me, all my secrets, all of my fears, everything. I TRUSTED HER. I trusted her with everything I had. I allowed her in my home with her children while I was gone at work. Boy did that backfire in my face. I cried to her about how much I loved my husband and how hurt I was by the way he was acting. I told her that I felt he had feelings towards her and she made me believe I was crazy for thinking that when in all reality I WAS RIGHT. He did have feelings for her and she had feelings for him. She was sleeping with him behind my back our ENTIRE friendship. She made up stories about sleeping with random guys behind bars against gross fences… yeah that was my husband. Then I GOT PREGNANT and she cried about it and at first I thought it was because she was sad about having troubles with getting her tubes untied. Nope, she cried because she was sad that her boyfriend was still sleeping with his wife and he lied to her about it. To make it even better SHE GOT PREGNANT TOO!! Except she ended up miscarrying. When we stopped being friends I BEGGED HER for a whole year to tell me the truth because I knew the whole time. I just didn’t have proof and she denied it and denied it and denied it until one day after I had finally came to terms with everything and was finally moving on, she calls me and tells me EVERYTHING. Because now she and him are no longer dating, so they both say. I hope that she feels better about herself and she cleared her conscious, because once again she has made me feel like I am useless.


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