Tanya Lakes — Indianapolis, Indiana

Tanya Lakes cheated on her husband with his best friend. She’s a liar and a fake who likes to destroy other people’s lives. Her dumb nasty bf decided to lie on my girl and say he was single and continues to move in with her. So my girl and him started dating. Tanya cheated on him many times. Tanya claims that my girl followed her man around like a lost puppy when she was trying to get rid of him. They are both liars and manipulators. My girl don’t want your man Tanya. He looks like a naked mole rat. John constantly does heroin and Meth and I wouldn’t be surprised Tanya does it too. Tanya has been harassing my girl for months when she has tried to block her off of all social media. My girl hasn’t talked to John in a long time yet Tanya’s nasty a$$ is trying so hard to make this seem like more than it is. Tanya is a wannabe hard b**** when all she does is talk sh*t on fb to a girl that just wants to be left alone. Tanya says my girl is a HOMEWRECKER which isn’t true cuz how can you be a HOMEWRECKER if you don’t know the other girl exists? John and Tanya are the natiest people I’ve ever met. They live in filth, they are horrible people.They spend all their money on heroin and meth. They literally have needles and pipes laying all out in their house. I hope everyone sees this and knows the truth about these trashy people! My girl is the best there is. She’s beautiful and way too good to deal with y’all nasty people.


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