Tanner Callahan — Savanna, Georgia

Tanner Callahan ruined a a lot of women’s social and personal life’s… her husband is the ultimate player, after 9 years with her he decided he couldn’t love her any longer because of pathetic reasons of her being addicted to ADDERALL and lacking spontaneousness in their relationship… he left her for another woman that was not a southerner.(Mexican/Latino) which Tanner is truly hateful towards in a racist way. Tanner has put a number of innocent women’s pictures up on this website for the simple fact that she couldn’t handle the fact that her drop kick HUSBAND of 9 years left her ever so suddenly for someone he barely knew because that seemed like a better option. The fact that he had (Women) as friends that he spoke to often… instead of blaming herself she blamed any female he had contact with and posted their pics up here on this website for all to see… trying to blame and shame them for something they never did…. all the woman she posted on this website are not the woman he is now involved with only after a year. They were nothing but friends or associates that got a lifetime of tarnish and unnecessary humiliation because of one jealous woman that didn’t know how to communicate with her poor excuse of a husband… she ruined lives because of her psychotic behavior and for that… innocent woman to this day are still receiving messages from world wide weirdos to their Facebook inbox. I know 2 wrongs don’t make a right but she’s not a nice human being and ill never forget what she has done to me and the others just like me that she hurt for no reason…


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