Taha Yassin, Tucson – Arizona

Taha Yassin, Tucson, AZ, an Iraqi man born 6-13-75, said his wife was a lesbian & had a lover & when they got their Green Cards he was filing for divorce. We had an intimate relationship for 11 mo. He said he never got his Green Card & that’s why he couldn’t file for divorce & move in with me. He was supposedly attending school for a month when I discovered there was no class & he was scheduled to attend a session 2 months later. He was with other women 10 hrs a day for a month. When I discovered his lies, his cheating with women from porn sex “dating” websites, he committed perjury by lying under oath & got a restraining order against me so I couldn’t tell his wife & she couldn’t contact me & he wouldn’t have to face me about his lies. He abused our legal system, a country that gave him freedom and safety from the chaos in Iraq. 3 yrs later he is still a member of porn/sex “dating” websites & still cheating on his wife. This “devout” Muslim prays 5 times a day but cheats nearly as often. What a hypocrite to betray his wife, cheat on her with me & cheat on me with other women. A friend sent her photos to his email; he immediately came on to her, asked for her phone # & said he was looking for another girlfriend—ON HIS WEDDING ANNIVERSARY DATE. What a scumbag.


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