Tabitha D. Johnson — Savannah, Georgia

Tabitha D. Johnson is a middle aged woman on the prowl for a man… any man. She frequents the downtown area and clubs to “snag her a man”. She doesn’t care if they are in a relationship/married. She will make up delusions that she is “involved” with your partner if they are even remotely kind to her. Then gets angry when your partner expresses that they are not interested. She will make up blatant lies to get her way and to make you/your partner out to be the problem. She loves social media and will block you because she doesn’t want you to destroy her chance at your significant other. When your S.O. blocks her account, she will create other profiles to keep tabs on him. She demands that he spends time with her and gives her the attention she craves. This is the kind of creep who lurks behind the corner of a dark alley way.


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