Tabby Springfield — Atlanta, Georgia

Me and my husband have been together 4 years. I worship the ground he walks on. I cook, clean, go to work, go to school and I’m a fulltime mom. I take care of his other 3 in his previous relation before me and 6 months into our relationship Tabby Springfield was texting him via FB staying to leave me and making fun of our relationship. I let it slide because we where in the beginning and I was thinking hey their just hating on us… time goes by and she is still msging him like I’m a joke. Then I catch these pictures in his inbox and she is telling him to leave me and come to her. My husband and I are trying to conceive and it’s like when we going good she always keeps popping up. I don’t know if they have actually met up, had sex or anything. IDK but I’m not going to allow her to go unnoticed like this. This type of behavior in women is unacceptable so I’m going to make her famous…


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