Susie Mae — East Palestine, Ohio

So this chick rode with my boyfriend for a run cuz I had to work then she swore to me that they werent talking and she didnt have his # here they have been talking since that day…he went as far as installing a texting app on his phone. He was coming home to me saying he loved me sleeping with me and the whole time talking to her now I consider that cheating. On August fourth after we got home he threw me and my daughter out at 4 am and told me that I was just someone that needed fixing. So literally a week later they went riding and went to a bonfire and I caught them coming out of a store together. Now they both said they werent talking but yet a week later after he broke up with me he was with her already. Hes already trying to move her in. Now this bitch ruined a 3 year relationship and let a little girl get hurt in the process. So she befriends girls and then takes their men and spend their money and always getting trashed.


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