Summer Nikki Compton Waller — Dickenson, Tennessee

My husband moved this woman into our basement and we have been married for 13 years. She goes by the name of Nikki or Summer last names Waller and Compton. She herself is married that is why she has two last names. She is a needle user and will do anything for drugs. I was pregnant when she got with my husband. I moved into my parents house to get away from this woman. She stole everything in sight. I had much of my jewelry stolen and he had many of his tools stolen, he still didn’t care. She likes women as well and would come on to me and ask to run away with me and even told me she hated my husband but needed a place to stay and money for somebody to support her. She is a parasite on society. I know she has been with other married men she brags about it constantly. She will live in Dickson Tennessee or be in Bo Aqua Tennessee at times possibly even Nashville Tennessee. I mostly just want to put this out as a warning to women that live in this area that Nikki the name she mostly goes by is a soul sucking leech and I have seen her prostitute personally. I’m not scorned I just don’t want this to ruin a family like it has ruined mine.


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