Summer Fortey, ontario – Canada

Summer sleeps with men(while having a “serious relationship”) while she knowingly tested positive for drds. Sleeps with any guys that has weed or money all while her boyfriend Charlie sits in dark about it. She made her way threw sarnia but then apparently got kicked out for stealing and having a Pepsi habit. And don’t ever rent to her. She’s being sued by a landlord, has been kicked out of multiple places for non payment.Posts on snap and insta like her life is great. But let me tell you it’s all a show and she really is just a giant mess who manipulates,lies and steals.Tells people she’s got a bachelor apartment in London, when’s she’s really living in her moms basement in st Thomas , working minimum wage(girl can’t even hold down a job for more than a month or even get a highschool diploma) to support habits she can barley afford. If you have slept with summer Fortey, she knowingly gave you and DRDS and you need to go get tested!!!


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