Summar Raines — Jackson, Tennessee

This so called “woman” Summar Raines, who workes as a Regional Marketing Specialist takes advantage of the travels required by her work to get in the bed of all the men she can, she starts by offering discounts and better offers on the products while they drink and have a good time in the different trade shows all over the country and ends up offering herself. She has gone as far as ending her own marriage with 2 young children when she got obsessed with my husband, he is no angel but he did break it off with her several times and she went crazy and threatened him, when he didn’t care she sent me texts and pictures (of herself, not 1 pic was of the 2 of them, which made no sense to me), her ex-husband called me and told me she had done this before with several men including some from South America, he confirmed she was obsessed with my husband and got even more pissed when I didn’t leave him after she texted me. She had stolen my cell # and hacked in to my fb to get more information, she is a psycho who should be taking care of her kids. She is now married to a new guy and has a baby but still practices the same way, if I was the father of that one I would be at the DNA clinic so fast I would leave smoke. Her employers are aware of her behavior and do nothing about it, they know that she is someone who trades sex for business and she is still working there because she is part of the “family”, if your husband works for any company that goes to trade shows for the Transformer Industry, make sure he stays away from Summar Raines and her stand!!


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