Stephen Morrow – Arizona

Stephen Morrow , of Phoenix Arizona , is a liar . He said he had feelings for me and all the rest . What he really wanted was sex when HE wanted it, to see me when HE wanted to see me , you get the picture . I didn’t go for all that and it had been a issue . I had made it clear that I did not have sex w out protection because that is something I do in a intimate relationship and didn’t want to wind up pregnant and alone . Well , what do you know . I’ve missed my period , positive preg test and am having a miscarriage and he is aware of all this and has not made one attempt to reach out in any way at all except to offer to pay for half abortion. Stephen announced he ” can’t do this ” because I like him to follow through with things he says . I know … Right ? Well ok . I can deal with that . But does he need to give me the silent treatment ? I do believe when we had the condom talk he said he cared and had feelings for me and we were in intimate relationship so condoms were not used used . Now I’m preggers and he is gone . For the record I have not blown up his phone , stopped by his place , sent endless text . I told him if this is what he really wanted I wasn’t coming back a 3 rd time . He has had to apologize 2 xs already to me and I’m too old for the on / off relationship . He has made it very clear what a piece of s*** he is by his silence and this is a clear case of ” babies having babies ” . No thanks . He needs to wear a condom at all times . Be warned ladies this guy will make you the center if his world ( calls , texts 8 + times a day ) and then the attention you got turns into he doesn’t have any time , he is so busy …. B******* . This is a really shitty thing to do to someone and I want as many people to know as possible. Go down to Chelsea’s Kitchen on 40 th st / Camelback and say hi to him or rip him a new a****** . Thanks ladies. We have to stick together. . Ps. Where do you think the dog came from ?


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