Stephanie Prado — Grand Island, New York

This poor excuse for a woman apparently met my husband at a casino in Coachella, California. She is from Oceanside but just recently moved to grand island, Nebraska. My husband was a truck driver and had to take an over the road route to provide for me and our 3 children. Little did I know that while I was holding down the fort at home 24/7, he had moved this low life into his truck for over a month. She left her little girl in California to go trapsing around the US with my husband. She knew he was married as we talked on the phone tons of times during each day and she was right next to him. The worst part is that she still wants him. He has cut everything off with her and she has made it clear to me that she is still in love with him. We have reconnected and are trying to make it work but this nasty excuse for a human still seems to think she can win him back. She has proceeded to send me photos of them and details of their time together. Beware as she seems to have no morals or conscience.


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