Stephanie Gail Barrett Barnes — Sherwood, Arkansas

Stephanie Gail Barrett Barnes was just about to get married to a guy when I caught my husband at a Super 8 motel. I found out when my husband came home with a burning sensation when he pees. I made him go to the doctor and he confirmed it. I WAS HORRIFIED! She went on and got married to that poor guy and I tried to forgive my husband. Time went on and I started to have that gut feeling again. (ladies you know what im talking about). So I looked at his phone when he was passed out and there were all kinds of text messages about meeting several times with her at sleezy hotels. She is from Texarkana, Arkansas. She is a P.A. at St.Vincent ER and Arkansas quick care, and at Conway behavioral health hospital. I have seen her out with at least 6 different men since all this happened. She’s an easy piece of a**. All you need to do is buy her a drink. Ladies Beware!


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