Stephanie Barnes — Modesto, California

Stephanie Barnes got a job with a very popular website in September 2014. She had previously been accused of plagiarism on this very site but all was forgiven when she became a community manager. After her initial meeting of the company and the team, she started speaking privately with one of her co-workers who lived on the other side of the country, at very late hours at night while his girlfriend sat on the couch wondering why he was walking up and down the block on the phone. In less than a month Stephanie had convinced him to move out west so he broke up with his girlfriend and left her living alone in their rental, took a trip to California to view apartments, made arrangements to move to Modesto, let Stephanie pick out the furniture, and told others that he had moved to be closer to work. His ex-girlfriend found out this was a lie when real estate agents sent thank you postcards to the address on his drivers license. As soon as he moved in with Stephanie, her contract with the company was terminated. 4 years later and it doesn’t sound like she’s found a job.


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