Stephanee Wysong — Greensfork, Indiana

Stephanee Wysong was a co-worker of my husband, he has denied sleeping with her and I hope it’s true. This HOMEWRECKING wonder harassed my husband so much that I kicked him out for 6 months. During this time I did not know what to believe. It’s hard to think someone would be so crazy without being lead on. Life usually isn’t a Lifetime movie. So he was kicked to the curb. At this point she told anyone who would listen and especially people she knew would tell me, that she couldn’t wait to be a stepmom to our daughter. She had hopes that I would file for divorce and she could then convince him to be with her. Once my husband put his foot down about her harassment, she was fired. He has said he felt sorry for her in the beginning since she told him she was being abused by her husband who she also fooled into believing she was abused prior to their relationship. See a pattern here. My husband changed his number several times and she would still manage to get ahold of it through other co-workers. He finally stopped letting anyone have it so she couldn’t get ahold of it. He refuses to have social media because she finds ways around the blocks or uses made up profiles to stalk him. She has several mental disorders such as manic depression and bi-polar disorder. When she realized she couldn’t stalk my husband anymore she then started stalking me on social media or gets the few friends she still has to stalk me for her. She is remarried now but is still obsessed with my husband and I. She had her daughter induced on my husband’s birthday. This information came from a close friend of hers that once tried to get her counseling and just wanted us to know she still is obsessed and somewhat unstable. This friend has since distanced herself from her craziness so that she doesn’t become a target. I do not feel sorry for her as they make medication for all her issues but I do feel sorry for her kids as it must be hard to live with a crazy Mom. The movie “Obsessed” gives me cold chills as it is too close to home.


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