Steph Lacoste – California

This is Steph Lacoste ! She is a very desperate woman . Or should I say boy ? She looks like an ugly boy . And all of her sh1tty tattoos LOL she’s a mess . She thinks she’s something special but in reality she is just a sad , disgusting little sloot who cries out for attention . She spreads her legs for any guy who shows her the slightest bit of attention . In the past year , she has slept with 10 guys that I know of . Kelly Crump , Brandon , John Roberts , Nick Grunwald , John #2 , Ryan Kunstleben , Conrad Johnston , Tyler Walker , Steve and Brad Gray . And 4 of the guys she was having sex with , were all in the same time period ! She’s so easy . Theres probably more . Steph works with children that are special needs and goes to work high on weed and pepsi . She smokes weed at work with one of her clients parents . Steph says vile things about an autistic boy she used to work with . Steph calls him little retard and says his mom is a druggy loser who yells and hits her son . Steph works with other mentally challenged people and when she’s not working , she walks around calling them retards . So sick . She even brought one of her boyfriends to her clients house and had sex with him while she was supposed to be working ! The client was downstairs banging pots and pans around unsupervised while Steph was getting screwed upstairs . So unprofessional . So disgusting . She has had multiple abortions because she is a sloot . She had sex with my ex Conrad and when I confronted her about it , she denied it ofcourse . Like the lying , conniving , manipulative skank she is . Good friend Steph is ! She has sex with all of her friends boyfriends . She just jumps from one guy to the next . Steph also thinks she’s super popular but yet her own mother and sister hate her ! Her own family disowns her ! If you want to go hit up Steph and throw your d1ck in her sloppy vag , make sure you double bag it ! She has the gift that keeps on giving


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