Sophia Yvette Zaragoza — Wichita Falls, Texas

Now this woman right here takes the crown for lying and deceit.1/2 of the way through 2017 she decided that one man was just not enough. So she went behind my back and built an entire separate romantically involved relationship with a man named Raymond Gordon. I did not discover this until sometime in July 2018. I discovered her secret Instagram account where she had pictures of them laying in bed together. There are also pictures of her with other men as well looking just a little cozy. I questioned her about this of course she lied to my face. When the truth finally came out turns out they was more than one man she slept with. So the entire time what I think to be the woman in my life is running around town just getting tapped on by anyone that will give her attention. But what makes her take the crown for lies and deceit. Because no matter what unless you’re standing right in front of her with ill refutable proof she will lie to her teeth and say whatever she has to say and do whatever she has to do to sell that lie. For example she would always tell me that she had something to do with her son she would say things like “I’m with my son what I could I possibly be doing”. But right there on her Instagram page her and her son and Raymond taking family photos. And also the majority of the pictures that she sent me were from right out of his apartment. Especially all the naked ones she sent me from his bathroom. from when she “had to watch her son” Now that seems like a pretty average story to tell about being cheated on. But after I found out that she was seeing this other guy for about 8 months and I cornered her about it and questioned her have the proof in my hands and she lied through her teeth till the very bitter end. She did not finally admit to it until there was no other option. But it gets better I forgave her for that and we patched back up cuz after all you love somebody you try and work through all that. I even helped her move out of this guy’s house . That she didn’t live in she says . Never mind the car this completely full of her belongings I’m talking full to the ceiling. Oh yes let’s not forget about the methamphetamine paraphernalia that mr. Raymond Gordon planted in her car. Not only did he do that the first time she moved out but he also did that the second time she moved out as well. the very first time that I had to leave to go out of town for work. At 3:03 p.m. she sends me a bunch of pictures & videos of look how much laundry I have to do then at 3:10. A friend of mine send me a text saying she seen her car at his apartment. So of course I throw her out of my house. And the whole time she’s packing her stuff to leave she’s trying to convince me that a 45-minute visit was about something important.right!! I forgive her once but this last time I could not. So I put this up as a warning to all those that may come across her and all of the those women who’s counterparts she’s “homeboys” with. This woman is a liar by Nature and will do anything to get what she wants she is definitely not above sucking your man off on the way to the corner store and back.


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