Sian Saunders — Portsmouth, Virginia

O.k. this chick Sian Saunders. Do not be in this girls life: do not be her co-worker, do not be her friend, and if you’re going to date her I suggest you drag up a crucifix up a hill and pray because Jesus did not die for the sin of entertaining her. She sh%talks each individual friend to her other friends, she will cockblock your relationships and, if my unnamed friend is a clue, she will convince a friend to hit a whole bunch of coke then LEAVE HIM IN THE CLUB AND CALLING HIM A COKEHEAD BETWEEN PLEAS FOR YOU TO BUY HER CHEESY CHIPS. Don’t believe me? Yo, half her sh%t is on film – this paranoid lil puta bought herself a SPY PEN and spied on her man’s car cause she thought he was cheating. Sound at all reasonable? She must have had some kind of reason or evidence? Oh she had reason; 1 reason; the dudes shift started at the same time as this co-workers. Now idk about your jobs, but at my job we work with more than one person and staff have a habit of working similar shifts. She ain’t about sharing. Not her stiff, not her food, not the truth, and not her friends. She has never shied away from tearing up a relationship as much as possible if it meant the boys paid her more attention. If her friend is dating someone, she does not like it. Give her an opportunity and she’ll pull you two apart as hard as she can without getting the blame. And before I say anything else, anyone who knows her now will know she’s been failing for 2 years to do this very thing to her housemate (if they’re still unfortunately friends) and she has never let it go.


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