Shyla Dawn Comeau — Halifax, Canada

Wasnt is not to say about the horsemouth sloot. Fake as fuk!!! Was at party not long ago and here she was in hot tub naked with three other men high a fuk on blow. This girl is conceit as they come. Everything handed to her almost 40 years old. Still living home with daddy. Shed suk a c0ck for a line..and has lol shes ruined so many relationships n sure she was the reason for a couple of divorces. Fuking ugly horse teeth mutt. She should take some of daddies money and get her teeth fixed. She loves the younger men consider the father of her sun is half her age…cradle rocker lol but if your looking for a good blow job or a55 fuk shes your go too. You’ve been single over 2 years sis…put some fuking clothes on.


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