Sheila Chan – Orinda, California

Why don’t you respect yourself enough to respect other women’s relationships? I get it, you want a man of your own, and you crave love in your life. That’s fine. What isn’t fine, however, is that you seek this love in a man that’s already found it with someone else. It takes two, this is understood, and he is to blame as well. You want real love and a good man, like all women do, but what on earth makes you think that a man that would step out on his own family to play pretend with you is actually worth your time? Self love is the key that opens the door to so many wonderful things in life. Working overtime to open a door that is not for you to walk through will almost ensure that there’s no prize behind it, but rather unimaginable heartache and pain. I see a man who chose the easy route and a woman with values as poor as his own; a man who will most likely one day leave you too. You’re fooling yourself if you think he wont! Oh wait, is it because you “can love him better”? It may be time to ask yourself if all the “things” you do that he likes so much are those becoming of a real woman or lady? Do you think you can build a happy house and home on top of a broken one? Steal him once and he’ll be stolen again. Any good man will end things the right way with his fiance before pursuing a “love” with another woman. Remember, you are a temporary fix in his world. He’s after something and it’s not to spend the rest of his life next to you.


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