Shaylyne Chatline Owen — Ogden, Utah

This girl Shaylyne Chatline Owen is an ex of my husband’s. They remained friends off and on since they broke up in 04 and back in 2011 she decided to find him on Facebook and started talking to him. He told her he was married and had kids she even made a day to come meet me and my children. Well after a few months of them talking he started hiding stuff on his phone, and put a lock code on it. She was always calling asking him for money and a few times she would call him at 1 in the morning asking him to come see her. Well one night after my husband got off of work she called him wanting him to come over and he did. They hooked up then in 2012. She decided to write me and tell me that he was trying to sleep with her. I blew it off till my husband got cought admiring to a mutual friend that he had cheated. Not only did this girl get my husband to sleep with her but she cheated on her bf at the time. After that my husband wanted nothing to do with her. Then she started writing him again the end of 2017 trying to get him to come f her and I still have the voice messages of her telling him she didn’t give AF about his wife as long as he didn’t say anything about her husband. This girl cares nothing about staying away from people’s marriage. She only cares about getting some, so ladies be careful. Also be aware she is a tweaker that’s why she wanted money from my husband…


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