Sharon Graves Cox — Pasedena, California

This woman works with Valero Houston and was transferred there from Exxon Baytown by a MARRIED MAN. Goes for married men, and will manipulate them into giving her money because she is too broke to afford anything. She beat her ex husband with a baseball bat and then goes to her married men at work and begs for money and says that she was beat by him. She is a true definition of a HOMEWRECKER. If you are single, you are not enough for her. She loves to tear apart families. She is also scared when wives contact her and will not respond. She lies, manipulates and gaslights. She has kids that do not yet know she is a HOMEWRECKER, but will know when they get older. Beware of this woman, she will come for your man! Especially if he has money. Her name is Sharon Graves Cox, and she is absolutely disgusting.


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