Share Adroit — Lincoln, Nebraska

Where to start? I was friends with Shai Adrovet growing up and until recently, I fell for the sob story like everyone else. Until she turned on me like she’s always done to others. She is a meth/pill/alcohol/anything she can get her hands on addict, she regularly (as in daily) meets married pathetic men all over town to s*ck/f*ck in exchange for drugs. Such a sleaze. She has no morals, no job, has kids but they are scattered all around, her oldest has followed in her mommy’s footsteps as a drug dealing prostitute. She has several sugar daddies paying for her motel rooms regularly. So she’s can have a place to go do business. Fake boobs, thinks she’s is God’s gift to men. She is a laughing stock of embarrassment. I’ve seeen her ruin several marriages and laugh about how guilible the men were. She is also a bipolar who doesn’t take her prescriptions.


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