Shannen Woodruff — Auburn, New York

This BEAUT, Shannen Woodruff. Steals her friends boyfriends over and over. How’d she get a fiancé you ask? Funny! That used to be her best friends boyfriend, then she slept with him. Shocker!? Big ol love triangle until finally she got her way. But did she? Her engagement ring is a pearl on a wire, looks like it came out the quarter machine. Embarrassed for ya sis. So proud, of what? Alcoholic boyfriend, your shi*ty wannabe engagement ring, or playing mom to a kid who fake likes you bc she’s afraid of you? WHAT A WINNNNNERRRR.

Shannen is the biggest follower. Will do whatever and bash whoever just for a friend until people find out she’s nothing. AND THAT HOUSE OHHH THAT HOUSE. Her boyfriends mom died, rest her soul, and now they live in her house that’s foreclosing!! She walks around like miss independent, my own house a** bullsh*t but it’s not. That’s the banks house sis and the house itself, a true reflection of it’s inhabitants, TRASH. Absolutely DISGUSTING. Food caked all over the stove, broken a** cupboards and doors. Poor kids rooms look like their living in a 1930’s orphanage. And that bathroom SISSSSS posts all the pics of her in the bathtub with raunchy a** feet and a dirty filthy NAUSEATING bathtub. Maybe code enforcement and CPS should be called. Her and her boyfriend and HIS daughters living conditions – SH*T. Disgusting. Shannen is trash. Always will be trash. HEY SHAY!! Find her on YouTube, if you want a laugh. Peep her vlog and makeup skillzzzz. Looking like a whole dumpster raccoon. Poor girl… thinks her face and makeup is “perfect”, but I’m pretty sure her 6 year old step daughter applied it, but then again even she can do better. I wonder if people believe she’s that girls mom… Sorry swamp monster. Get a real home, have a real kid, lay off the makeup, Just do it naturally. ANNNNND one last thing, this girl is a THIEF. I forgot to mention! Steals peoples clothes, steals peoples boyfriends which makes her feel like she’s a prize, but if you seen the “boys” she “steals” LMFAAAAAO. Hop off everyone’s d and try to be a leader. Throw out the makeup. Your boyfriends family literally talks the most about you anytime you’re not around. Remember that next time you think you’re something special sis. They entertain you to laugh later. Like we all do. No friends, no life, no house, no nothing but a 25 cent engagement ring and kids that aren’t yours. Your dogged for that too at functions. Here’s to hoping that disgusting swamp bathtub of yours caves on your next swamp adventure.


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