Shane Gadomski — Huntsville, Alabama

Shane Gadomski works as a service advisor at the Century Automotive Company at the Jaguar dealership here in Huntsville, Alabama. This lady knew about my lovely significant other and I and how we just bought a house together, just had a baby not too long ago, and his own children have moved in with us. My man’s Jaguar engine needed to be replaced and she was supposed to just be helping him with his car and just completely business related. At first I understood it was just business but then I caught their messages because he forgot to delete them and she was asking about wine, and if it was good to be messaging me. I told him I didn’t like it and he continued to do it anyway. I look at our phone records and this lady is messaging my man as soon as she wakes up ALL DAY AND NIGHT and they are talking on the phone so much and I am sitting here like he tells me he is too busy to talk but can text her and Shanna (She is on here as well) but not me? We fought about it and he says it is just friendship and blah blah blah. I didn’t believe him because I know if anyone talks to someone that much there has to be something going on. I left an old phone in his tv room for a couple of days and the things I was hearing was enough for me to pack up my stuff and leave. He is to blame as well but she is too because he would sit and talk about being in his boxers and she would say how she would help him get rid of it and all sorts of gross things. He was cheating on me with this meth looking country bumpkin and I was pissed. I told him absolutely no contact anymore or I was done and leaving and we would work on trust and our relationship and he did that and I called the owner of her company and told him every little detail about what happened and now her phone records are being recorded because she messaged my man that his “crazy” girlfriend told him everything and now he wasn’t allowed to call or text unless it was work related and etc. I wished she would have gotten fired so she understands the risk of messing with another woman family and I can see why her relationships never worked out and she wants to find it in other women’s men. She needs to focus on keeping her job and looking after her three kids instead of wanting to be with my man. I hope she sees this. It would make my day.


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