Shadow Powell — Pheonix, Arizona

Shadow Powell managed to wedge herself between mine and my husband’s relationship. They worked together for a few months but in that time, he claimed to feel like he really knew her. She knew we were having issues in our marriage and that’s how she knew to swoop in. They ended up cheating sometime a year and a half ago. (I only found out because my husband let it slip). She moved to Washington for about 8 months but now has come back. The first thing she did was message me and get mad that I “ruined their love” then threatened me AND my 3 year old. Be careful Arizona! She seems all innocent, but she’s not. Beware!!! Side note: to prove her love for my man, she stabbed her own husband. She wrote to him on an online game and told him all about it. The details were creepy (I read it over his shoulder).


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