Serial Cheater and User – New York

Casey Monk will do anything to be accepted. She runs from group to group and cliques to cliques ditching old life long friends for new peiple. Her choices are always worse than the previous. If you have children keep them away from her. She has no tolerance for children however she claims she wants to become a mother and will eventually end up getting physical but its mostly verbally abusive. Casey will cheat on every person she dates shes very well know in Cortland for her dug use and her shady past. She is a thief and will steal from you right from under your nose. She brags about how many hearts she broken and treats the people she is dating like crap. She will bounce from engagement to engagement all the while cheating and using all of your resources. Ask any woman shes dated and they will tell you the same. She doesnt know how to love because she is unable to have real feelings for anyone. She is incredibly insecure and selfish. This causes her to appear weak its only apart of the game she has played so many times. She often aims for women who have children and already have their life together. She will latch on like a leech. She will bleed you dry until there is nothing left for her to gain. Then she will leave. And the debt and destruction becomes your mess. She can’t have any utilities in her name because she owes every company and is in default due to that. Rest assured everything will be in your name. Her car is unreliable therefore prepare for her to drive yours. When her resources are used up she calls her Mom and her Mom will send her money. She is well on her way to becoming an alcoholic and has a very addictive personality. Which runs in her family. She recently started using coke and has made decisions that put entire families at risk such as driving high on coke with kids in the car. She has two counts of possession. She will always be on the look out to find the next person that she can run to and tell her terrible story to There’s two sides to every story. Before she leaves she will usually make promises to the child involved and never has any intentions of keeping them. If you have young children be careful. She is an overall disorganized mess. And don’t worry! Soon enough you’ll have yourself another room mate. Most likely a felon living for free with you and sleeping on tiur couch, these felons will also steal from you and do drugs under your roof. Congratulations! You’re just going to end up another sucker in her game.


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