Sel Gomez — Mission, Texas

This sorry excuse for a woman Sel Gomez teaches dance at mission high school. She likes having affairs with married men. She is having an affair with another teacher from Mission Jr. High right now that is married. She knows he is married and that he has a wife but that doesn’t stop her from breaking all that up for her selfish wh0ri$h reasons. No one is off limits to her, married, kids, it doesn’t matter! She makes up sob stories about her life just to get the idiot men to feel bad and wanna help her. She is around children and young girls, and showing them home wrecking is the only way to get a good man. She sleeps with men who have girlfriends and wives. She cares not. She has slept with all the men at her job because it’s a high school and it’s easy, like her. She is a disgusting excuse for a human being and has no divinity as a woman or educator. Probably YOUR children’s teacher, good luck with that.


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