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November 18, 2018

I responded to an email a few days ago, and have not heard back from Sears.  To make matters worse, I contacted the Customer Service Escalation group this morning (just now at 8:30) and the representative handling my call transferred me to a supervisor.  The supervisor indicated that she could set up an appointment, but that the “local” group doing the work might cancel the order.  She has no control over them cancelling the order.

We paid the initial $ 99 fee (have the receipt to prove it) to have the problem assessed (needed new motor on ice maker).   Next appointment the person came without the motor and tried to charge $ 99 again.  We said “no”, we already had the assessment – come back with the motor and we’ll pay you to install that. The first two technicians said it needed a new motor but the 3rd (who again did not come with the replacement part) told us we needed a new freezer door to the tune of $1800.00.  The refrigerator is only old.

So as I questioned the supervisor this morning on how she could set up a call and then have it cancelled by others, she insisted she could do nothing more and then mid-conversation she just hung up on me.   Absolutely unbelievable.   This was the 8th attempt at getting this done.  Each time we waited through a 4 hour window and no one came even though we had a confirmation email.

We just had new double ovens from sears installed in our house two weeks ago, we have the fridge (of course) from sears, washer and dryer from sears, dishwasher from sears.   This will have to be our last purchase from Sears unless we get some real action in the next couple of days.

I had recently heard on a radio program that the customer service at Sears and Kmart was “in the tank”.   I did not believe it, but I guess I am seeing it firsthand.

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