Sean T. Trough – Arizona

This man is going to charm you. He’s going to romance you. He’s going to be the most amazing person… until everything changes. His drinking is out of control. He has mental problems he is unwilling to seek help for. A pathological liar & a sociopath. He will stop showing any affection at all. His kisses will be as if he’s kissing his mother (and do not get me started on that nutcase). You will feel bad for him and want to help him. He is suicidal at times and suffers from severe PTSD. You will love him, but his love will fade and turn to mental (and on a few intoxicated occasions, physical) abuse. You will be told the worst things that a person who claims to love you could say to you. About our life, your family, your opinions…everything. He will break your heart. EVERYTHING THIS MAN SAYS IS A LIE. He cannot stop lying. His temper flies through the atmosphere when he’s raging. He will follow you when you are fighting, no matter how much you beg for a few minutes to yourself to collect your thoughts and deal with things in an adult manner.


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